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  • Genres:
  • Drama
Series "MS Fazilet and her daughters," will speak about strong and determined woman, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve wealth. Mrs. Fazilet is the mother of charming girls. Once upon a time she had a chance to get out in people, but the main character was brutally deceived. Now Mrs. Fazilet mired in a poor area with no chance to ever get out of it. Her children live in slums, and the woman herself dreams of revenge.when daughters grow up, she decides to use them to achieve the desired goals. Mrs. Fazilet wants to be rich, live in a nice house and never think about money. For this woman is ready to go to literally everything. She cheats, manipulates her own daughters and their potential suitors.rn

the Purpose of Mrs. Fazilet — a mansion Amen, located on the shores of the Bosphorus. In this mansion live her enemies, here began her moral decline, which led the woman into the slums. Mrs. Fazilet intends by any means to get a mansion and become a successful person.rn

However, her daughter, tired of the control and orders of the mother, sooner or later, you can start to strike. In an effort to achieve their goal, to take revenge on old enemies, Mrs. Fazilet somehow forgot about the only one dear to her. As long as the vengeful family of slums goes to the goal together, they manage to achieve considerable success. However, when the main character begins to quarrel with her daughters, all her plans and goals are wrecked.rn

Once Fazilet will be able to live in the same house with cheating by sabotaging all his enemies. However, will it bring her happiness? In the struggle for a place under the sun, the main character is increasingly losing her human face.

when the daughters realize how dangerous and cold-blooded their mother is, they will try to get rid of her corrupting influence on their own lives.