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  • Genres:
  • Crime
The new creation of Korean Directors is a detective series "Mrs. COP". In the center of the series is a young girl working in the Department for particularly complex crimes. Who says a fragile girl can't run an investigation? Our heroine in addition to working in the police Department-manages subordinates, which she has enough. She's not just sitting behind a Desk, the girl copes on the streets, along with a rude male staff. Choi (so called heroine) in fact, like every woman has a vulnerable heart. At home, she is crying over the melodramatic, makes a variety of dogs, and the worries of life drama. Those who know Choi think that at home and at work they are completely different personalities. Firm hand in the workplace, gentle sweet girl at home. Therefore, many of the environment, it is difficult to understand it, but she also wants to be worn on the hands, cared for, gave flowers and took to restaurants. Choi dreams of a handsome Prince, despite the realities of life outside the home. What awaits her in the future? Relatives do not quite understand her torn soul, sometimes it seems that she does not know herself. The viewer is given a great opportunity to enjoy watching the series online in high quality and learn all the details of the life of the heroine.