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Original Title: Mr. Right
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: Jiangsu Television,Dragon TV
Creators: Li Xiao
Description: Martha, recently experienced a very difficult parting with her young man, constantly changes her, gets acquainted with one very nice, cheerful, but very strange guy, about whom she knows absolutely nothing. The heroine spends a few unforgettable days in her life with Francis and begins to fall in love with him, she is not even embarrassed by his stupid jokes about the numerous murders that he committed. But everything is turned upside down at the moment when the girl finds out that her new boyfriend is actually a former professional killer, who a few years ago went out of business, and now deals with those who are trying to order services from him. Martha, of course, tries to immediately cut off all ties with him, but it turns out to be very difficult.For Francis is a real hunt, because all the intelligence agencies of the world for many years unsuccessfully trying to catch him, a former partner Hooper wants to bring him back into the business, and now cruel mobsters want him dead. Martha, unwittingly, is in the midst of incredible events. Around it constantly occur blows, shootings and killings, and itself it must do complex choice and, finally, figure out, wants whether she be with Francis, despite his dark past and uncertain future.

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