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  • Drama
In the center of the plot is bill Hodges, a policeman with experience. Now, being of age, had to leave the police career behind. All the man remember as the person who caught a set of ruthless offenders. Unfortunately, one unsolved case still doesn't give Hodges peace of mind. From now on, truly a giant pile of free time do not allow to relax and turn into depression. Now the man does not know what to do, because he is not used to waste time. In addition, the events that occurred at the job fair, do not go out of my head. It all started with the fact that many people who are unemployed, lined up in the morning to get at least some work. Suddenly Mercedes appeared on the road and at high speed began to shoot down every person on the way. The result of this event was 8 victims, including a young mother with a child. The owner of the car later said that it was stolen shortly before the incident, and at the crime scene was not a single piece of evidence. After that, the case called "Mr. Mercedes" just hung. But now, being retired, bill receives a strange letter from the very psychopath who arranged it all. Over time, the unknown is trying by all means to bring the main character to suicide.

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