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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Family
Ann Shirley lost her parents very early and barely remembers them. She wanders from the shelter to the shelter, meets with the injustice and severity of state institutions, but still believes in a miracle. The girl from the painting "Ann" sure - it will soon adopt.The great news inspired the red-haired beauty. Wealthy farmers dream of procreation, the documents of the children's home are ready, the young lady packs her Luggage and leaves the orphanage. But as soon as he appears on the doorstep of Cybercow, that right now she can come back. The fact that the older brother and sister, who entrusted the upbringing of orphans, according to the plot of the series "Anne" intended to take the boy, who will become their reliable assistant. And Marilla seriously wants to fix the mistake of sluggish office workers who mixed up the sex of the child. Indeed, so important is the fact she repeatedly pointed out in the documentation. But Matthew it is a pity the name of the daughter. He becomes attached to an optimistic teenager and resists separation.after some hesitation, the owners of the farm keep the girl and send her to school. But peers are determined categorically. They tease the orphan, try to humiliate her, and then completely ready to blame the crime. Sociable lady tries to find a common language with students and teachers, she is afraid to lose her home and family again, and did not have time to hurt someone to become an outcast of society.