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Original Title: Mosaic
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: HBO
Language: English
Description: Who killed Olivia lake-this question is asked by Director and producer Steven Soderbergh in the new dramatic project HBO. Not Laura Palmer, but also very interesting. The main person of the serial project, of course, Sharon stone, but other participants, especially Soderbergh, will certainly provide a worthy dramatic spectacle.Clever swindler Eric Neal next goal outlined the famous writer, who, despite his advanced age, still in the juice, in great shape and with a nice Bank account. Around the literary star constantly spinning nimble artists and poets, actors and other hungry for glory thugs. Now in favor of a local celebrity goes a Joel Hurley, an aspiring artist who was lucky so much that the star mistress not only approached the body, but even settled in her luxurious apartments. br>Raspberry ended when the city showed up my girlfriend lucky Joe, which is not happy with increased tenderness of the bridegroom. It is time for an experienced swindler to come to the forefront and charm the wounded heart of a celebrity. From the host of fans, the woman singled out Eric, a gallant suitor and a pleasant companion. The evening ceases to be languid, a man and a woman look at each other languidly and promising, the future draws in romantic tones, which does not please the other applicants for the sympathy of miss lake...four years later, the swindler is in prison, the author of children's books is killed, and the sister of the swindler, dissatisfied with the work of the police and the judiciary, begins its own investigation to reveal the truth behind the death of the star...the name of the Thriller has nothing to do with the plot, but reveals the compositional structure of the dark history that occurred in Park city, Utah. Different parts of the mysterious puzzle will be submitted gradually, piece by piece, in the picture, slowly and with increasing level of tension revealing to the viewer the story of the murder of a popular writer and Illustrator. Each character has a personal point of view on the community stirred up a bloody tragedy, because any villain is essentially a hero of his life and pursues his own great goals.

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