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Daily life with a monster girl is better to watch online from the first series. It explains that until recently, the government of Japan carefully concealed the existence of half-humans. In many ways, these creatures are similar to ordinary boys and girls – funny and pretty. That's just the usual guys and girls no Bunny ears, colorful tails, wings or tentacles instead of hands. The authorities feared that monsters and ordinary citizens would not get along together. But one day the Ministers conferred and said to the whole world that half-humans exist. And to strengthen the cordial relations between the types has been implemented cultural exchange program – accommodation unusual creatures in the human family.three years have passed since the start of the programme. The half-humans are well established in Japanese society. And now no one will be surprised by a mermaid nurse, a police captain with a Fox tail and ears or a winged nurse flying with her wards. So the young Kurus Kimihito agreed to shelter the charming MIA – a charming cold-blooded Lamia with a pretty maiden face and a very long snake body of pink color. More precisely, it is a fait accompli harsh coordinatorwe-species exchange, bringing MIA to the house of the Kurus and declaring that henceforth policework will to live here.since then, the peaceful and measured existence of Kurus has turned into chaos. The guy had to rebuild the house, increasing the area of the rooms, regularly warm for the guest a bath the size of a pool, endure eternally freezing MIA in her own bed and every morning risk being accidentally strangled in the arms of her tail. And in addition, the young man has to restrain even the slightest desire to enter into a sexual relationship with the beauty. After all, such a relationship is fraught with arrest and detention! In General, for everyday life with a monster girl took remarkable patience and courage.the life of the unlucky "host" became even more complicated when he took care of the second foreigner – the cheerful and frivolous harpy Papi. And where two monster, there immediately emerges the third. And that young man has been forced to resort to his humble dwelling four-legged girl centaur Sentoryu. She, like MIA, Papi, love, Kimihito at first glance, and firmly intends to marry him, despite the laws and prohibitions.of course, MIA and Papi aren't going to give in to some hoofed girl they love. Passion in the quiet before the house of the Kurus is heating up. But the guy decided the only thing worse than Trinity, living under the same roof and loving it ladies, nothing can not be, as fate dealt a cruel blow. According to the ubiquitous coordinators, rules about inter-species cooperation have included a new paragraph. It States that people and other species are allowed to marry. And as a test pair was chosen ill-fated Kimihito with one of the wards. The poor guy will have to marry someone from desperately loving his monster girls, which meanwhile is becoming more and more.