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Once, in very ancient times, people fought with demons, but instead lived with them in peace and harmony. But it did not last long. Greed won out, and here is one of the people almost destroyed the second. Much water has flowed since then. There was a chance to re-create the world. But people again defied the demons. And the real war began.Yin Tian didn't declare war on demons. It was exactly the opposite. Instead of hate he felt for one demon strong feeling called love. And and he... conceived. That's how it is. And born to him and his wife-the demon's a wonderful baby, who was named van HB.It wasn't just a child. He is destined to become the king of demons. But that kind of power promises and great perils. Now Wang Huba has more than enough of them, because he is being hunted by a cruel man named Qian Hu GE. This greedy man intends to conquer the demon king to find the strongest power in the world. Indeed, why fight with pawns, if you can swing at the king himself?Now the main characters of the movie monster Hunt need to protect your child from a terrible villain, and therefore save the whole world of demons. They go on a journey to escape and find a new happy life.

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