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At first glance, the "Mob Psycho 100" can not say that this is a really interesting story. Many viewers it seems unbearably banal, but in fact it is not.

"Mob Psycho 100" watch online can be absolutely everything, because there is nothing supernatural or too terrible here. The series presents an ordinary Japanese school, where, as elsewhere, students of different ages learn, cram lessons, attend clubs, find new friends. Each student tries to create his own personality and present it to his classmates. Students establish relationships in the team, which is not always successful. But even so, there are the usual feelings of love, a lot of complexes and fears, teenage problems and so on. In General, the students of this school are no different from other children and adolescents. .


it would Seem that something unusual could happen here? A little secret in this school still was. Beyond all this normal school bustle hides a very unusual guy named Shigeo Kageyama, who is the main character of the series. He can not boast of a beautiful appearance, good intelligence or sense of humor. All that distinguishes him from his classmates is excessive shyness. Deep down, he already fell in love with a girl, but he did not dare to approach her. The first step was too difficult for him, so he wanted to draw her attention to himself somehow less noticeably. At that time, Shigeo was studying in the eighth grade, so it would not be too difficult for him to fulfill the main goal. .

to attract the attention of a beautiful girl he could not do as other guys did at his age. Japanese schoolboy Shigeo Kageyama had incredible abilities, or rather, he was a psychic. Since childhood, he entertained himself by the fact that only one look could easily move any object or even deform something small and fragile. The surrounding people did not recognize this talent, he never met anyone who praised him, were interested in skills. The only person not priziravshim talent teenager, was his " mental mentor." Trust this man, I shouldn't, but Shigeo had no other options but to bury their talents are not wanted. So the mentor tricked him into using his psychic abilities to gain profit. Thanks to the incredible possibilities of a teenager coping with many orders of the deceiver, he was doing even those jobs which are contrary to the laws. Of course, they both remained unpunished, but still the eighth-grader was not very acceptable such an idea. Although he could quickly reach the level of a self-sufficient and established personality, Shigeo could not tolerate it.ahead of the teenager is waiting for a difficult choice of life path, he must decide how he should use the ability. For a long time thinking and a lot of enemies will not be superfluous, a young psychic still find the strength and choose the right, in their opinion, the way. .