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The plot of the film miss you Already tells a touching and sad story of two friends whose friendship was under threat. Millie and Jess are friends from early childhood, they used to tell each other all the secrets, support and help others. Many years have passed, and friends is not lost communication. Their lives have changed a lot, each of them was happy in their own way. Millie was married to a good man, and she had two beautiful daughters. Her life seemed like a Paradise, because they lived in a prestigious area, and the work gave the woman a pleasure. Jessie did not lag behind the girlfriend, she had a favourite guy and a fine floating Lodge on the coast of the London channel.Very soon their lives suffer large-scale changes, it all starts with the fact that Jess, has long dreamed of children, learns that she is pregnant. At the same time, Millie's life is beautiful at the seams, at the doctor's examination she is diagnosed with breast cancer. This is where the test begins on their friendship, whether the patient Millie sincerely rejoice in the happiness of Jess, and she, in turn, empathize with her best friend. how will develop the relations of the two once-best friends since childhood. Will they be able to preserve their friendship in spite of everything?

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