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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
For four long months, the whole of South Korea was worried about the fate of the missing private plane, on Board which were members of the popular group "Drimers", their assistants and the Director of the Agency. For RA Bon Hee, who only a few hours ago, got a job as a stylist to singer and actor, SEO Jung-Ho, it was her first flight. A sudden storm brought the engines out of order, the fate of the aircraft was predetermined. He fell into the sea, and it became a big success for the girls. Her mother was a diver and her daughter had been learning to swim since childhood to become her successor. Bon Hee managed to get his boss out of the water. She was glad that they both survived, but nothing was known about the fate of the others, besides this couple together was on a desert island. Jun Ho became famous for his wayward character, and being alone with him for who knows how long, turned for his subordinate into torture. The guy showed the worst sides of his character, refusing to help her and capricious. RA Bon-Hee managed to survive in these extreme conditions and return to Korea, but she lost her memory. She didn't remember what happened on the island and what happened to the guy who needs to be with her. In order to investigate the crash and take the only survivor testimony, appointed a special Commission.