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The main heroine of the animated series "Lady Bug and Super cat" becomes a girl named Marinette. She lives and studies in Paris, one of the hundred most ordinary schools. Marinette is hopelessly in love with a boy named Adrian. She can not admit his feelings and draw the attention of the guy.rn

it Seems like these guys are perfectly normal, but they're not. Marinette in moments of danger can turn into a superhero named Lady Bug. Adrian also has abilities and becomes a mysterious super-Cat.rnFaces of the boys are hidden behind masks, so they don't know the name of him with whom we cooperate. So it turns out that every day Marinette intersects with her lover, with whom she works at night, saving the inhabitants of the city.Guys stop robbers and small crooks. However, they are absolutely not ready to meet a powerful villain Hawk. This man sends around the city some dark butterflies that affect the psyche and character of man, turning him into a villain. It turns out that in the service of the hawk A whole army of slaves controlled by him. These people are aggressive, but still have a chance for salvation. At least that's what superheroes think.they try to stop the hawk, but He is cunning, so he can competently manipulate students. As a result, all residents of Paris are under threat.When Brazhnik realizes how strong his rivals are, he decides to kidnap their talismans, helping the main characters to use superpowers. And then there's the Super-cat manages to fall in love with Lady Bug. He is trying to produce the girl impression, but only scares her with his sharp jokes. Super cat has no idea who hides behind the mask of a charming superhero. Marinette herself can't think of anyone else but Adrian.