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David Fincher theme serial killers the most powerful resource Netflix = a new criminal dramatic Thriller, built on the archives John Douglas, one of the most respected and of experienced profilers in history FBI.The topic itself, popular both in movies (silence of lambs) and on television (Hannibal, a real detective), promises not a traditional police procedure, but a heavy psychological Thriller, dark, hard, naturalistic and extremely Frank. And the fact that the plot will be built around real crimes, which are included in the book “Inside the elite group of FBI profilers ” only adds intrigue and power to the presented project. Yes, and Fincher, producer and Director of several episodes of a new television series, maniacs and serial killers ate the dog and is generally considered the main specialist in this bloody film and television dish, so you can expect that the autumn telepremera will be the main Thriller of the year.America is a state built by enterprising, energetic, strong – willed and powerful people, so in the history of the States there are enough bright heroes and fierce villains, robbers, thugs, maniacs and serial killers. Some law enforcement agencies were able to neutralize by liquidation, someone went to justice, died his death, tied or continued to please his perverted suicide until the very end, and someone was caught and put in a cage. These monsters in human form are the center of the story and the key to understanding all the events of an action TV show.how to calculate and catch the sinister madness, if we do not know how evil thinks – this problem has forced the FBI to cross the moral line and start working with prisoners psychopaths, rapists, maniacs and murderers to better understand their thinking, psychology and rich (even from these riches frost on the skin and heart in the heel) inner world. In 1979, the year partners FBI agents Holden Ford and bill tench (prototypes of which-the real agents-profilers John Douglas and Robert Ressler) after stalled their investigation of another crime, sent to prison for particularly dangerous prisoners to get into their heads and find a way to anticipate further moves of maniacs who are still at large and are preparing to commit a new horrific crime.

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