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In the center of mysterious happenings, the main character is named Mattie Carver. The girl goes to school, studies hard and shows amazing abilities in playing the violin. All she has very well, as in most ordinary teenagers from her environment. But one day with our heroine begin to occur terrible events. Sometimes she sees human blood instead of music. The girlfriend somehow manages to dissolve before our eyes. A few minutes ago, the school was completely empty, and now the house is full of kids. Unhappy and frightened girl sees non-existent people. Her mind is constantly plagued by strange sounds of unknown origin. The surrounding reality no longer seems familiar and stable. More and more Matty seems to have fallen into some kind of trap, similar to the underside of the real world, to which she was accustomed. Girl often faints, and people and things more not see it, as above, standing still now in quite another light of. What happens to that poor girl?Exciting American Thriller with elements of fiction tells an amazing story about parallel worlds, faults in space and time.