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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Midsomer murders - Midsomer murders occurring in the rural County of Midsomer. In externally decent quiet villages as if transferred to the modern world from the Victorian era, serious passions boil.Locals carefully hide their secrets, from adultery to the most sophisticated crimes. Behind the appearance of a Prim old woman, a sweet young lady or a respectable gentleman can hide a ruthless killer. However, the villains have no chance to go unpunished, because the investigations are engaged in an experienced inspector Tom Barnaby and his young partner, Sergeant Gavin Troy. Even if personal life suffers, the servants of the law do their duty in good faith. They face theft, kidnappings, killings, burning alive, and almost every respectable family of the County holds the unpleasant secret.in cases of suicide and seemingly natural deaths of elderly people, attentive police officers note the slightest inconsistency, and begin to search for the real culprits of death. The lies of witnesses and suspects complicate investigations, and the motives of violent crimes sometimes have to be found in the distant past, but this is not an obstacle to the detention of those who violated the law.as the years go by, older police officers need to rest, and they are replaced by no less selfless heroes. Pure English murders will be solved for sure!