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Two siblings Alejandro and Luis, along with their mother, move to bogotá in search of a better life, as things were not going well in their hometown. Both guys get a job in the best restaurant of these places, owned by the influential Harold Zavatti. Soon they will be acquainted with the incredibly beautiful and charming daughter of the owner named Andrea, in which Luis Alejandro fall in love without memory with the first sight. After a beautiful courtship and tokens she reciprocates Louis. Here only it takes quite some time after the beginning of their relationship, and the guy disappears. Searches do not yield any positive results, so they conclude that Louis is no longer alive. Console heartbroken Andrea volunteered in love with her Alejandro, brother of the missing. He is so much surrounded the girl with warmth and care that she reciprocated his feelings. When true love tightly bound Alejandro and Andrea, suddenly returned "from the dead" Louis. The act of his brother, he considers a terrible betrayal, so he decides to take revenge…