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  • Genres:
  • Drama
In the center of the plot of the series "merem" is a pretty girl working on the highway. She has an excellent reputation among friends and family, and in his spare time prefers to help his father in his small bakery.the main joy in merem's life is her beloved oktay. The young man works as a Prosecutor and makes a successful career. Merem is sure that they will soon get married, but then something incredible happens. Beloved of the main character knocks a man on the car. The woman dies on the spot, and oktay prefers to run away.Now his usual life has come to an end. The man will go to prison, and the career of the Prosecutor can be forgotten. Oktay is in despair, and good-natured merem decides to meet him. The girl takes the blame for a terrible crime. The act is noble, but hardly the girl imagined what consequences it merem has become an outcast for neighbors and friends who until recently praised her for her obedience and decency. People living in neighboring houses openly call the girl a murderer. The father can not believe what happened, and throws everything to help out his beloved daughter.merem has a trial and a heavy sentence Ahead of him. However, the most terrible would be a sudden betrayal of a loved one. Octai believes that communication with the criminal will not benefit his career, reputation in the addition, on the horizon there is a man who wants to avenge the death of the unfortunate under the wheels of the car. So, Meriem finds himself in mortal danger.rn

left alone with the trouble, the main character decides not to give up. She goes to war with the circumstances and accepted to prove his innocence. The girl will go through a lot of tests, and in the course of this difficult path, she learns what true friendship, love and loyalty.