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The events that will be shown in this film take place in the interval between the first two parts of the adventure cartoon "Madagascar". The company of good friends unexpectedly confused all the plans of the great magician Santa Claus. They somehow thought that flying in the sky Red Night Goblin. Friends could not even think that they are so much wrong. And now Santa Claus is in an unplanned crash. He is on the island of Madagascar. The worst thing is that due to accidental fall of the wizard loses his memory. And this is a serious problem. Favorite cartoon characters must be able to somehow correct the deplorable situation. Now it depends on them how well Christmas will be for young children. After all, each of them on a festive night will be waiting for a special gift. The main characters decide to do their own delivery. They cope with this task easily. After the company returns back to the island. They had a real chance to go home. But instead, the brave animals decided to save the future holiday. Suddenly buddies again affect a large Christmas wizard. Because of this, Santa Claus returns to his memory. The guys learn that they have not delivered all the gifts to the addresses. And that's very bad. Santa Claus is forced to re-apply for help to the people of Madagascar in time to have time to cope with all the Affairs. King Julian himself will receive his Christmas present. For a long time he was in Santa's list of bad kids. But the wizard decides to strike out his name. After all, Julian could have done so much good. Why doesn't Santa Claus pay him back with the same coin? The main thing is that lemur did not do anything stupid again and did not spoil himself a merry Christmas holiday.

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