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  • Genres:
  • Drama
This story took place in the legendary Kingdom of Camelot in his grace period. The local king decided to completely eradicate witchcraft considering it the cause of all troubles. He killed all but one of the dragons and executed all the witches, but that didn't help. The protagonist of the series, the young wizard, Merlin. The guy was born in a small village, but despite this he has a very important mission. Obeying destiny he was a young man enters the service of the Palace. There, working for a healer, he discovers his magical powers. But the call of the dragon, a guy hears in prison which was due to the fact that I yelled at the son of the king. The dragon will tell him why Merlin is in the castle. It is up to him to protect Camelot and help the future king Arthur to unite the warring lands. What of all this he will learn while watching.

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