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The hero of the series Hand of God 1 season download is experiencing a terrible family drama — his son decided to commit suicide after the violence committed over his wife in front of his own eyes. The help which appeared in time didn't allow the young man to finish the intention, he wasn't lost, but fell into a deep coma. This event completely knocked the ground from under the feet of his father, the judge, who for years kept the whole city in fear and submission. He considered himself omnipotent, but suddenly realized that he could not change what had already happened, something that forever destroyed his life and the lives of the people most dear to him.With this tragic event begins the rebirth of a corrupt judge, in the hands of which used to be a lot. Now he falls into religiosity, believing that he has become anointed of God, that God through his son, who is unconscious, talks to him and gives him direct orders. The judge said that the conversations with God will help him to find someone to blame for his son were in a hopeless position. A lot of people think the judge is crazy, maybe he is... But it is necessary to the environment, and it is necessary not the madman! All want the return of the former judges, it depends on too many things.

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