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Melody of Oblivion Season 1 by TBS download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: Melody of Oblivion
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TBS
Language: English
Description: Our planet has survived another invasion of an extraterrestrial race. Humanity with great difficulty winning this war, but the damage caused by the aliens, were too big. But the worst thing - that the Moon was destroyed by aliens. As a result, the Earth, which survived a colossal climatic catastrophe, becomes uninhabitable for all living things. nnBut what remained was poisoned by radiation, because people used powerful nuclear weapons to fight the alien race. Now the earthlings themselves are forced to move into space, organizing a new colony on Titan. And somewhere above the Earth endlessly circling a few stations servicing a huge toplatform for the abstraction of water from an abandoned planet. On Earth, there was only a small special team to repair spherical droids-almost perfect combat robots that are transported to the platform the remaining resources and destroy the weak pockets of resistance of surviving aliens who are trying to ignite a guerrilla war. nnJack Harper-an ordinary mechanical engineer with the call sign " Jack 49-engaged in repairing robots, waiting to be sent to Titan. Together with him are his lover and partner Victoria. And although for safety's sake, have erased their memory This impression intensified when Julia said that she and Harper-members of the crew of a special bark launched into space 60 years ago. Jack remembers his vague dreams and begins to understand that this whole story is not the fruit of a distorted mind of a strange traveler...

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