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The film "Afraid of your desires" introduces us to Claire, a quiet loser who had the opportunity to get even with their abusers. Previously, nothing particularly remarkable girl was often the object of ridicule peers. She had no friends or girlfriends in class. School attendance has become a pain in the ass. Girl knew in advance, nothing good will not bring it another day. She once again faced with snide looks, insulting remarks to your address outright abuse. Relatives also not too worried about the fate of Claire. She gradually became a recluse in her own inner world, without having the slightest hope of improving the situation.Everything changed with the discovery of an unusual box. The girl that got used to continuous problems, considered that it won't be worse. Life gave her joy, Claire without much thought took a chance to look inside the box. Turned out inside was something that could grant wishes. The girl did not particularly believe in their own ability. She later convinced a mystical box that really works, is ready to execute any, even the most unusual desires. The soul of the young lady, mutilated by torture, longed for revenge. She was able to repay everyone who had hurt her before. The girl did not know what specific "services" box will require an unusual cost. Watch the movie "Fear your desires" and find out what Claire had to sacrifice.

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