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The series "Medici: Lords of Florence" is fascinating because of the real historical events observed by the creators of the project. The action of the story takes viewers to the XV century of our era, in Florence, where among the usual traders stands the Medici clan. This family, which has the necessary connections, successfully occupies leading positions in urban political life.

by 1434, when the people of Florence are dissatisfied with the behavior of the army and the king, Cosimo Medici manages to seize power, competently using the support of his powerful father, Javanni. It still running things, javani becomes the head of the clan and its Eminence Grise. Once he set a goal to make his family not only rich, but also respected in his native Italy. Execution was difficult because of the then high society has long perceived the Medici as simple traders who miraculously managed to rise at the expense of a good financial investment.rn< p>Bribing officials of the time who would do anything for a large bribe, the protagonist, performed by Dustin Hoffman, promotes his relatives not only to the political but also to the religious arena.

however, this unexpected success turns out to be not only wealth for the family, but also numerous problems. Haters Medici try to do everything, if only to prevent further strengthening of the clan. Thanks to the intrigues and conspiracies, the enemies of the powerful Medici manage to unleash a war between Florence and Venice, which becomes a headache not only for the powerful family, but also for ordinary locals.

Gradually, people are beginning to realize that the exaltation of yesterday's saviors is too great a price. Feeling the taste of power, the Medicis are increasingly dishonest game, kill and bribe those who can be dangerous for them. In parallel, the family Bank is becoming one of the richest enterprises in Europe. Sooner or later, the family will be displaced from the pedestal of power, but before that, the Medici will have time to sit on the papal throne and the Italian throne.

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