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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Watching foreign TV series called I again I again I You can learn about the life of one man which partition into several periods. At first, the series introduces us to a nice young guy who loved to come up with a variety of useful things, but self-confidence is not added to the guy. After the mother of the protagonist got married, the family moved to Los Angeles. Alex's stepfather has a child from a previous marriage, and the man himself works as a pilot. the Eldest son undertakes to look after Alex. Love for the ingenuity of the protagonist soon turned into a profession, but he could not lose his kindness and childish naivety. After he became aware that his wife was cheating on him, he filed for divorce, but worried because it will be able to very rarely see his daughter. In life there comes a crisis. In the next part of life Alex appears before the hero is an adult, an elderly, gray-haired man. He managed to realize all his plans, he is respected and appreciated, he is an excellent leader. The team was very upset after he learned that the man wants to retire well-deserved. But the hero has a lot of free time to realize his dreams.

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