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Original Title: Master of None
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Netflix
Creators: Aziz Ansari,Alan Yang
Language: English
Description: The series about friends-geeks and their girlfriend-waitress so sunk into the soul of viewers that the creators of the series did not hesitate to announce its release for several seasons ahead. This popular sitcom tells the story of two neighbors-physicists living in the same apartment in Passadena. Sheldon Cooper, a hypocritical and arrogant scientist who considers himself a genius capable of understanding the mysteries of the universe, is very principled in matters that relate to himself and his personal belongings, which often pisses Leonard off, clumsy and turned on physics, but in General, a simple guy without unnecessary jumps. The already difficult life together friends for months complicates the presence of a number of blonde penny, which Sheldon considers frankly stupid-however, like most people living on earth. Nevertheless, a practical penny, who came to the city to enter the film school, but failed the tests, is able to give him a head start in everyday matters and mentally honors him with an eccentric. Sharp tongue penny seduces Leonard, who has long dreamed of getting a girl. So their door to him. After all the vicissitudes, he finally achieves the favor of penny, but there is nothing to expect that their relationship will be simple – they are too different. Yes, and jealous Sheldon, like a big child, rubs nearby and eager to pull all the attention on himself. Friends and colleagues of the main characters, anxious Howard and shy Raj, also circling around like hungry piranhas. But they seem to be certainly nothing shines-short Howard instantly scares the girls with his ugly behavior, and the Indian Raj and talk to them is unable until you get drunk. But it seems that our heroes are lucky – because every person has a soul mate, you only need to find it.

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