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The authors of the new action show ambitious claim that their fantastic television series will be a game of thrones in the world of comics. It is hard to believe, but the presence of Ivan Reon aka Ramsey Bolton makes us believe that, at least, here will light up a quality villainous character, who had a heavy burden of betrayal of his own blood - a political riot, a military coup, the removal from the throne of his brother, the mighty king of the mythical state of Attilan.marvel is still not enough people with superpowers in film and television, so get a fresh multi-part work in the genre of fantasy action. In major roles familiar faces-Anson mount and Ivan Reon, two brother-antagonist, which political the situation in world demigods pushed foreheads and led to full-scale destructive war.Attilan, the mythical city of superhumans, is facing a deadly threat. Seeing the passivity of the king, who froze in indecision, his younger brother Maximus, who does not have magical powers, but is distinguished by a brilliant political mind and organizational talents, raises the people to revolution and overthrow the Royal dynasty. Black Thunder, unwilling to use divine superpowers to destroy a rebel relative, leaves town with a handful of loyal followers. along with his disgraced monarch Superhumans are among the common people living in American Hawaii. Soon will come the disappointing news that the planet Earth is in the same danger as the rest of the universe. Therefore, the fallen gods have to get used to the unexpected role of the defenders of humanity, which still needs to be persuaded to cooperate, because the first instinct of the earthly government will be to hunt for alien aliens, catch aliens and put in a laboratory for scientific experiments. That can take precious time and put the planet on the brink of destruction. Who will win the next battle between Good and Evil – TV series 2017 marvel.

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