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  • Drama
When Tyrone Johnson was still a small child, his older brother died before his eyes: a COP killed a guy whose face was mutilated by a terrible scar. Why would a COP do that? Unknown. However, brother Tyrone's death went unpunished. The boy's words were considered fiction, and in the blood of the victim allegedly found drugs, under the influence of which the young man voluntarily jumped into the water and drowned. The incident seriously injured the young witness. At first, the hero remained quite calm, but growing up, he began to experience bouts of aggression. Once a teenager, constantly skipping school and getting into fights, was face to face with the "servant of the law" that is guilty of the death of his brother. Meeting with a corrupt police officer awakened in Tyrone the ability to teleport. Tandy Bowen-in the past, an exemplary girl who loves ballet. The heroine grew up in an elite area, but once her quiet life changed forever. The car she was driving with her father fell into the water as a result of the accident. The man did not survive, and Tandy in a strange way it's already on land. What happened influenced the character of the girl. While her mother drinks, unable to cope with grief, she uses drugs and antidepressants, not averse to theft. One day, Tandy accidentally touched Tyrone's hand. From that moment the heroine realized that she was able to emit powerful light daggers...