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A few years ago, agent Coulson was assigned to assemble a team that will perform the most difficult tasks around the world. Phil knew that in this team there are true professionals, that is why we invited not only old friends but also a few recruits. Among others, he chose agent may, with whom he had served for a long time, agent hunter, whom he considered the best, as well as technical specialist Daisy Johnson. By the way, she wasn't going to be a part of this team at all, but she just didn't have a choice. Scientists Fitz and Jenna help the main characters to cope with any difficulty, and constantly invent new weapons for them. Soon Coulson entrusted with the first task-the elimination of members of a dangerous Nazi organization called Hydra. Phil is confident that his team can handle... the Series the Agents of "shield" season 1 all series in a row to watch online free in good quality.