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In the filmography of Mr. Wyans there is such a dramatic masterpiece as a Requiem for a dream, but in General, the actor represents a whole dynasty of comedians and constantly participates in the filming of Comedy films or TV projects - from extremely low and vulgar paintings to moderately obscene and quite a family films. A new Comedy project, named after a key character, just belongs to the genre of dirty humor, which will please an adult and make children's audience laugh. After all, the story will be about the mountain-dad, strict mother and two children of school age. All the characters are black, and the humor is light, direct and easy.the lead actor in life is also married and has two children, so we can conclude that the plot of the Comedy is largely biographical and shows some elements of a real life experience that is impossible to look at without a smile and a cheerful laugh. Even the difficult and painful moments of the husband and the father of the family, the waynes are able to make a joke, to paint with bright colors plain boring family routine.some time ago, Ashley Wayne was tired of tolerating the birth of a useless infantile hubby, who looks more like a hefty third child than a reliable head of the family. The waynes are divorced and are now sharing custody of the children. In the case of Marlon, this means that he can come to the house of the ex-wife at any time and arrange another comic farce, which he in his lifelong madness calls the upbringing of his son Zachary and daughter Marley. Those, of course, such pedagogical science be a great success, but the ex-wife is clearly not happy with the parent of the hero's talents. But all the time, possibly after the fresh cool quirks Ashley heart will thaw and it will take unlucky, but such a cute and cheerful peasant home. After all, humor prolongs life,and with such a comedian you can live and laugh forever.

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