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Owen and Annie are strangers, however, the guys made the same decisions when everyone went away with hope and sadness. Grandfather knocked from under his feet firmament, the future was not so clear, urgently needed to make a choice, the picture


to Break the disease reality, the characters not in a hurry, if there is some new medicine, so the losers agreed to test the drug on himself, not thinking how to end a test of survival. Now the fate of the brave little ones depends on what Dr. Mantray came up with. If the procedure will help to take away the problems preventing normally exist, that will be given in return. The desire to become healthy is seething in the souls of the subjects, because they consciously decided to pass the test, really after will tearfully repent that they dared to spoil life. Will not the guys regret that at any cost they are ready to relieve the burden of troubles, surrendering to the full possession of Aesculapius, whether the battle will be won or the share of the unfortunate will be defeated

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