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The jungle is not the safest place to dig. But the brave and serene treasure hunter such a thought came to mind. He confidently gathers an expedition and plans to find an incredible artifact with magical powers. But what is hidden in the bowels of the earth? Some terrible monster so rashly woke people wanted wealth and power? Now each of them is waiting for a bloody reckoning. Who will be able to survive, and who will forever sacrifice himself to the mysterious and terrible jungle? It seems that nothing depends on the team of archaeologists.It is considered that it is not necessary to go to the cemetery very often. Even appear there at a quiet time of the day do not need to bother once again those who had died - a bad tone. The same can be said about the ancient graves, which have become almost home to every archaeologist. Excavation, in which take out bodies long deceased people, rarely lead to something good. Humanity finds some evidence of someone's life, plunders their belongings and property, which hundreds of years. But no one even thinks that if all this is transferred to our time, it turns out that archaeologists are engaged in the same vandalism. Darren McCall doesn't think about the consequences.

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