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Sometimes it seems that the God of love Cupid just mocks people. How else to explain that romantic, responsible, attuned to the long-term relationship guys consistently come across bitches and smart and good girls always run up against the scum? To understand this and that a difficult question was solved by the creators of the Comedy series "Man Seeking Woman".nnThe main character-a young guy (just one of those described above) named Josh Greenberg. He is romantic, often in the clouds, a little impractical, a little naive, but is it a huge minus? Apparently, his ex-girlfriend thought that because she dumped him. But they have had a long relationship, as I thought of Josh, almost perfect.nnHaving suffered a little, Greenberg decides to pull himself together and still find his only one. But in this quest it interfere with some features of his own character. First, he has no charm that would immediately fascinate the opposite sex. Second, he at all timid in relations with girls. In addition, the guy is either clumsy or unlucky, but the fact that he always gets into a ridiculous position. And then there own parents, and crazy friends decided to help him…

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