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Have you ever thought that if you were in the past and did something insignificant, it would affect the present. This you can see in the series "Making history", where the scientist was the happiest man when he was the first in history to create a time machine that can move you to any date that you can only want. This car looks very strange: a large bag with numerous wires. Long without thinking the main character immediately finds himself back in 1775 in England. Not having stayed there for long and did nothing, but as soon as he returned home found that America is no more. As it turned out his appearance there somehow affected the war between England and America, where England eventually managed to capture such a powerful country. without realizing And believing in what is happening, the scientist immediately turns to his friend for help and shares his adventure. His friend does not immediately believe his stories and does not even want to stick his nose into such things. But how not to help his best friend, who is almost on his knees begging him. Soon he finds himself in the so-called time machine and in 1775, now everything depends on them will go back or become even worse…

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