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  • Drama
Indian series "Mahabharata" describes the real story that took place five thousand years ago, repeatedly retold in the ancient epic. The events of the plot of the serial cinema had an important significance for India. The great dynasty of the Kurus gives rise to two of the strongest clans. Their representatives are feuding more than one generation, not knowing the ways to reconciliation. Pandava differ nobility, honesty. To make the world bright and good, it would seem that the main purpose of the mission, passed on as a family heirloom. Senior counsel Junior, bringing that kindness, righteous Genesis will save the race. Koirala pursue selfish goal is to own the world, to dominate and to subjugate all and Sundry. Anger, greed, meanness and hypocrisy – their banner. Both powerful communities understand that it is their attorney who needs to take the throne. For some-it is an opportunity to protect people from chaos, poverty, devastation and tears, for others – leadership, wealth, self-improvement. Musical design, colorful landscapes, deep, philosophically filled with monologues of characters, archaic wisdom, make the picture attractive to the viewer, gives food for thought.