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The plot of the drama Mrs. Bovary (2014) tells the story of a young married woman, bored in marriage. Emma Bovary was born not the time when she should be born. Parents determined the fate of her daughter, marrying her to a provincial doctor, who is too different restrained and rational approach to life for his passionate wife. Mrs. Bovari, not finding in marriage the storm of emotions, which need a it, as air, tries to find consolation in the most low-lying things. She buys things and luxury goods, driving the family into debt, and, as if in a pool with his head, rushes into the arms of other men who, unlike her husband, more skilled lovers. Only that happiness and harmony thus Emmy is not found, and longing, tears uncontrollable temper, only grows in the soul of woman... Ms. Bovary (2014) is a drama about throwing only to a seemingly happy woman. This is not the first adaptation of the novel by Gustave Flaubert, however, among the existing tapes, this is the most accurate transmission of the violent tragedy in the soul of Emma Bovary. This is the second work of Director Sophie bartez, but her inexperience did not affect the quality of the footage. MIA vasikovska, who played the main role, very harmoniously conveyed though somewhat eccentric, but still very vulnerable and sensitive nature of Emma. Her mistress Bovary is a bit like a gentle heroine from the film Jane Eyre, where vasikovska also acted in the title role. In short, if you are not alien to women's deep mental anguish, and the era of the XIX century is close to you in spirit, Mrs. Bovary (2014) will certainly appeal to you. Otherwise, you just have a good time for a good quality film.

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