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When the parents looked at their son and they are both admired and frightened. As a young boy, he not only showed extraordinary erudition, but also made such things that without hesitation it was possible to call him a genius. And so it happened, all the school, and then University program the guy passed much earlier. He was a fast learner, quickly grasp and absorb information. The man of genius, were many to say. Therefore, it is not surprising that the government was interested in Agnus. He was invited to some kind of interview, where he had to pass several tests. And when he passed them, he was offered to work for the government. He was to head a special Department within the government, which will deal with not quite ordinary problems. The guy has to ride around the world, with a CIA agent, and save the world. Only to do this quietly, without weapons, applying only their ability to and their knowledge. And this guy's like. They save the world and become a secret agent, and still have to visit the most beautiful places in the world. It's like a guy's dream.