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Sometimes from boredom is beginning to suffer even great Satan. Lucifer was so tired of everything that is happening in the underworld that he decided to change the situation. He goes to the world of people, in order to find yourself there entertainment. As soon as he is among the mortals, he immediately realizes that the place is better than the clubs and can not think of. He very quickly organizes his own and tries to spend as much time there as possible. Moreover, he is still tempted by the fact that any beauty is ready to surrender to him, it is only Lucifer to wish it. Well, of course it does not compare with life in hell, so he does not think to hurry home. not everyone likes this state of Affairs, the club is starting to happen quite strange things, like someone decided to expose Satan himself. And in the underworld not a bit calmer, as there has decided that the time Lucifer in no hurry to go, it's time to arrange a war for his throne. Even relatives do not live peacefully. This state of Affairs makes Satan think that there is something wrong, but because he takes matters into his own hands and decides to deal with everything as soon as possible. Only now he will be able to settle everything and not to return home or the ruler of hell will have to admit that among the people he has no place and it's time to go to restore order?

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