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This Turkish series, like most popular today, will tell the story of love and revenge, following the betrayal. The viewer is given the opportunity to watch online all series of the series "Love and punishment" on our website, learning the details of the plot. The film shows such feelings as betrayal of love, a terrible reckoning, following family traditions and the joy of motherhood with unlimited care for the child. As it is accepted, all events begin routinely, gradually entering characters into the abyss of passions. A happy girl is getting ready to get married, right before the day of the wedding celebration, the heroine enters the bedroom, where she finds her own groom in the arms of an outsider woman. Rage and revenge drives people to unspeakable acts. The girl intends to take revenge on the failed hubby in a similar way, which is why she is going to go to bed with the first man she meets. However, the implementation of the idea is not as cloudless as it might seem. Going to the roadside bar, the girl drank heavily and led the stranger to the room to make the plan. Since then begins the main plot line in which encountered people must decide with feelings. After all, if for heroine this was only night of reckoning husband, then for guy, this meant much more, than they both could to imagine.

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