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The series "lost in space " is a remake of an old American science fiction, Comedy series with the same name. The action of the series unfolded in the near future. Really have to say that the future was so far off that today is the same the recent past – in 1997. But then, this show was filmed a feature film, what it was filmed in 1998... There, of course the action was transferred on a more significant period of time and turn back to the 2058-m By the time the action of "Lost in space ", on our planet depleted, almost all natural resources, and now people are facing a terrible danger of extinction, because the reserves will not last more than twenty years. Earthlings have no choice but to think about the possible colonization of other planets in our Galaxy. And, of course, the United States of America , as far as colonization is concerned, is always ahead of the rest. They have already prepared a program for such space exploration and even built a huge space ship on which the first colonists will go to the expanses of space in order to pave the way for the rest of the population. The fact is that some time before that, scientists had discovered even a suitable planet, which was called alpha Prime. Its natural conditions are very similar to earth's, and it is quite suitable for habitat. However, it is at a considerable distance from the Earth, and in order to get to it will have to spend in space a few years. The purpose of the first expedition is to build a Hyper-gate, through which the evacuation of the remains of humanity in a new habitat will be carried out. The first crew of the super-modern starship is the Robinson family. Its head – John Robinson is a major scientist, as well as his wife. And with them fly and their children-daughter and son. During the flight, the family is immersed in an suspended sleep. But there are in the series "lost in space " forces that are ardent opponents of such a journey. And to break it, and destroy the entire family, aboard a spaceship they send devious and intelligent villain named Dr. Smith. Smith activates on Board the ship combat Android, which is programmed to destroy both the entire family and the ship itself. However, the unexpected happens, and insidious Smith does not have time to retire from the ship in time. She understands, that, too, doomed to demise together with the rest. It makes antagonists to Wake Robinzonov and the captain of the ship. And this happens just in time, as the ship was already heading straight for the Sun. The captain manages to turn on the hyperdrive, which allows you to reject the course of the ship. Now, however, the ship strayed from the planned course and ended up in people unexplored part of the Galaxy. Actors: John Robinson-an outstanding scientist, physicist and astronomer, Professor. Head of the Robinson family. Maureen Robinson - also a researcher, Professor, assistant and wife of John. Judy Robinson-doctor, the eldest daughter of the Robinsons. Gary Oldman — Dr. Zachary Smith penny Robinson - another daughter of the Robinsons. Will Robinson is the youngest son of the Robinsons. A very curious boy. Dr. Smith is a spy and terrorist who happens to be on Board. The main antagonist of the series. Don West is captain of the starship. Major. Brave and experienced space pilot. < li>< ul> TV Series lost in space season 1 all episodes free download from our website at any time of the day!

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