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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
It was an ordinary flight, which ended in tragedy. Once in the zone of turbulence, the plane deviated thousands of miles and crashed on an unknown island. The first thing the survivors decided to set up camp before dark, while Jack, Charlie and Kate decided to look for the second part of the plane. In the cockpit, they found his living assistant, who told them about the strange readings, and a few minutes later something killed him. Jack realizes that on this island, something strange is happening, but not telling anyone about this, so as not to create panic. With Kate they have a good relationship, they were even ready to move to the next level, but suddenly dies bailiff. The girl blames Jack, although he really didn't do anything wrong, he just wanted to help him... the TV Show survivor season 1 all series in a row to watch online free in good quality.

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