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Exciting Spanish Thriller, which is sure to appeal to those who love all the non-standard and creative. To begin with, the film is directed by the well-known brothers Alex and David Pastor. They are the authors of the non-standard film Carriers, as well as writers of the world-famous Spanish Ark. Creators of the fantastic movie Epidemic (2013) decided to play with human feelings, namely to award all characters very rare, but from it not less unpleasant disease - agrophobia. After all, every day a person rotates in society, contacts with people and, if you deprive him of this and the opportunity to go out, visit parks, shops and other places, then who will he become. nnAt the window of the laboratory is a young man, he looks into the distance to the hot desert city, which is literally extinct, and around is a complete ruin. This is the twenty-first century, the moment when a mysterious epidemic in an instant ended humanity. People want to get out of the building, they dig tunnels, trying to somehow get to their loved ones. Food stocks are melting before our eyes, but mark, who is the main character of the Thriller Epidemic (2013), knows that he must, by all means, to get to his beloved wife, who, moreover, should give birth to the day. nnAn endless series of dark underground utilities, and mark finally gets to his house, but Julia is not there, she disappeared. Men meets another seven But how to get there, because the entrance only from the street, the exit to which is tantamount to suicide. But mark does not give up, he continues to seek a way out of the situation. Only there is whether he?..

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