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Original Title: Lookout
Channel: MBC
Creators: Son Hyung-Suk
Description: Living in a modern society governed by the rule of law, each of us believes in what is under their protection. Recently, there has been a tendency for people who have committed an illegal act to go unpunished. Cho Suu Kyi worked as a detective for many years, investigating murders.nnHowever the man considered the work not worth because when he had to look at relatives of the killed, every time he felt guilty. One day a man loses a loved one and believes that the law will be on his side. But, unfortunately, Cho Suu Kyi was unable to achieve the desired, falls into despair and decides to resign. Chang Do Han is a young and ambitious Prosecutor who dreams of making a great career.nnIn order to conquer the whole upper world , you need connections that a guy does not have. Once it happens the mount and Chan is Khan - killed someone very close to him. The law continues to be idle and here professionals decide to unite. Young people, whose relatives were killed, decided to take the situation into their own hands. They are eager to find criminals and punish severely. Besides children are aimed to find all criminals who managed to disappear from the law. The main characters are convinced that for any act a person must pay.

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