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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Western
  • Crime
There is in the West the us state Wyoming. And there is an unremarkable town, which serves as Sheriff Walt Longmire. He has qualities such as calmness in the most angular situations, unparalleled honesty, modesty, and a good sense of humor. This is an old-school man, for whom honor is not an empty concept. A year ago, Walt's wife died. He copes with the loss of the old-fashioned way-with his head goes to work.nnThe territory of law and order of Longmire is not very large, but specific. There are some movers and shakers, putting themselves above the law, there are traffickers, there are the indigenous inhabitants of America – Indians from a local reservation. Each state in the United States has its own unofficial name, a kind of characteristic. For Wyoming, it's equality. The equality of all before the law is ensured by Sheriff Walt Longmire.nnHelps Longmire to uphold justice moved to the town of Philadelphia itself strong-willed and fair Vic. There are more in this command, the good-natured fat boy FERG, honestly, but of the last forces acting properly. Not without its protagonist is a spirited good Branch, considering the style the Sheriff's outdated, but because active labeling on the lesson of this post.

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