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Shortly after the death of his father, Joseph Donnelly learned from his own experience that the trouble never came alone: he did not have time to mourn the parent, as landlord Daniel Christie took Joseph's land. In Ireland land is the only real value, and Joseph decided not to tolerate insult, and to take up arms and take revenge, come what may. Unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, to get even with Christy Joseph failed: not having any experience in the handling of weapons, he shot himself, and the wife of his landlord had to take care of the wounds of the poor boy. However, in Christie's house, Joseph stuck around for a while: the daughter of the landlord, headstrong beauty named Shannon, gave him a chance at a new beginning. Being a woman of modern ideas, Shannon long wanted to leave the drudgery of the house and live her life in far away America – she just wanted a companion, whom would not scared to cross the ocean. Joseph, who rightly judged that he could live in America in a new way, agreed to help Shannon, but their plans were confused by the treacherous New World. Shannon immediately after arrival robbed, and Joseph among other things had to take care of the care of a young noblewoman who does not know how to stand up for himself.

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