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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Four friends were co-owners of a huge company that specialized in the development of computer games. However, at one point they decided to sell their offspring, to finally feel really rich, to feel in the hands for the first time so huge pile of money. Each of them is paid more than ten million dollars for the company, and now they are friends of multimillionaires. But who would have thought that this will not end. In fact, they got rid of any worries and problems, but the real trouble as it turned out only waiting for them ahead. Looks like someone found out about their wealth and decided to make an attempt to cash in on it. Every moment with friends become more and more enemies, and quiet life, about which they dreamed, goes far into the distance. Money betrayed them and instead of a carefree holiday gave the guys so many problems that they did not understand until the end of life.