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Lizzie (2013) - horror movie where the Ghost of long-lost girl returned to avenge his exile. The story of horror, where the presence of otherworldly forces and coercion, as, for example, in the film the Curse always had a special cooling atmosphere for fans to tickle nerves. One of the main features of such films is a story that goes back to the distant past, and echoes in the present. So it happened with the main character of the film Lizzie, who begins to see the Ghost, who He came here to take revenge, and only having solved a terrible secret, the heroine will be able to change something.These days, Lizzie Allen, seeing a therapist as suffering from amnesia and couldn't remember his past, no parents, no event that caused this state. After a while she gets from her father inherited the estate where she grew up. Lizzie moved in there, continues to visit the doctor, which gradually pushes the veil in her memory Then, under strange circumstances was killed couple Abby and Andrew Borden, and their bodies and faces mutilated with an axe. The only culprit in this case is their daughter Lizzie Borden, who ran away from home, in a sense, going into exile. But the story does not end - centuries later, her Ghost came to avenge the fact that she was expelled. Now, the main character of the film Lizzie, it is necessary to balance between the two worlds subconscious and stop the Ghost until the girl's revenge is not penetrated catastrophic consequences.

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