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Jennifer Three is a cover girl who is known and loved all over the world. One day she goes to a party where going to have a good time. At first, nothing boded ill, but after drinking a cocktail girl woke up in some strange and gloomy basement. At the same time, the model discovers that she is not alone, next to her is another victim of a maniac – a simple guy who got to this place even earlier. At this time, the police begin to investigate the crime, trying to understand the psychology of the offender and find the unfortunate girl.Being in conclusion, Jennifer realizes that she has contacted a strange maniac, because he not only does not touch her, he does not even show his eyes. He puts pressure on the psyche of the victims, trying to suppress them morally and make them afraid of simple things. At the same time, prisoners make many attempts to escape from prison, but for a moment before the long-awaited freedom, each of them ends in failure, and all the tortures begin anew. The maniac just plays with his victims, in which every minute there is less chance of survival.

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