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"Elite" is a Spanish youth series that tells the story of three ordinary high school students from the working district, who by fate find themselves in the most prestigious educational institution for elite children.rnThe construction company, which won the tender for repairs at the school, is involved in a serious scandal after the destruction of the building due to the earthquake. To somehow maintain its reputation, the company offers to pay for the training of three students in Las Encinas, the most prestigious and expensive school in Spain, where the children of the elite of society.Samuel, Nadia and Christian are looking forward to a promising change. However, the difference in social status and Outlook leads to constant conflicts with peers. Spoiled children of wealthy parents have been reluctant to accept into their ranks the new arrivals who much stand out against the General welfare and life of luxury. The Trinity begins to be subjected to regular attacks, which ultimately leads to a chain of unpredictable events and even tragedy."Elite" is a very emotional action – drama with elements of a psychological Thriller, which raises such important social problems of modern society as class inequality, bullying, aggression of adolescents.