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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Frank had to take the place of the dead Godfather. But because of internal mafia intrigues, the throne of the head of the new York clan goes to Aldo Delucci-the brother of the deceased. Frank is contemptuous of Aldo, believing that he has the soul of an accountant. Of course, this may not like the new chief of the mafia, and he hires a killer. From the shooting Frank came out alive, but was shot his favorite dog.nnFrank gives Aldo to the feds, but now he has to save his own skin from the vengeful mafia. Under the witness protection program, he chooses the Norwegian Lillhammer (or Lilihammer, as he pronounces the name). His choice is explained simply: in the 94th he saw on TV the Olympic games which took place here, and the town was remembered to it as a place with snow-white, pure air and tremendous heifers. That's just the reality is very different from the television picture.nnFrank is placed in some van, right next to the local Sheriff, instead of a luxury car he has a tiny tin can, of all the jobs available to him only the place of the pizza delivery. Of course, the former mafia does not like it, and he begins to change everything for himself. And Frank would have healed again to his liking, if not for a couple of new York thugs who tracked him down.

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