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The main character of the animated series is a cute girl Lilo, who lives with her sister Nani in Hawaii and can not join the company Myrtle. Girls of the same age make fun of Lilo because of her extraordinary behavior, but she does not despair. Her kind nature allows you to find a real friend, whom the baby first took for a lost dog of a strange breed. Pet, Lil took home and named Stitch, though, he was acting a little unusual for a dog and showed an amazing ability. "Lilo and Stitch" watch online is only because of the funny behavior of a new friend of the girl, because he touches from the first seconds.rn

Later, Lilo met Dr. Jambou Jukeboy, which revealed to her the secret origin of Stitch. In fact, the blue pet is the result of a genetic experiment conducted by space researchers. As a result of the error he and a few more samples were in Hawaii. Now the heroes need to urgently return all the samples, otherwise they will begin to show themselves unpredictably. Each of the experiments was assigned a certain set of unique qualities, but without control properties can manifest themselves from the negative side and destroy the colorful Islands.rn

Jambe Jookiba was sent agent Wendy Pleakley, that is not well suited for this role, because he's very fragile, tearful and fearful. His appearance will appeal to many children, because he has a huge eye and three legs-tentacles, as well as a miniature head with a forked tongue. The behavior of the agent is laughable, but he is so peaceful and kind that instantly becomes one of the key characters.while the brave heroes are looking for traces of alien creatures landing, Hamsterville sits on their tail. His charming appearance only at first glance makes you think that he is not able to do evil. In fact, tiny is the experiment's mistake, and now his task is to find the samples first and reveal their antagonistic qualities. He constantly scolds his henchmen, loses his temper, but looks extremely ridiculous, because with its miniature dimensions the leadership of a large team of harsh monsters looks comical.Series after series Lilo and Stitch as well as their friends from other planets are looking for patterns and also trying to connect with the local community. Myrtle is constantly striving to stab a friendly Lil, but now she has a faithful friend, ready to punish the offenders. True, the prankster manages to sometimes mischief so that the head will go around, because he is so inquisitive, and colorful Hawaii has to pranks and entertainment.rn

"Lilo and Stitch" will captivate the audience with a funny story, in which each series is devoted to a new experimental model. It is interesting to constantly learn about other worlds and the unique abilities of colorful genetic creatures that resemble a mixture of different animals. From the first seconds you begin to worry about the success of the entire enterprise, but not afraid for the brave team, because they can easily cope with the machinations of Hamsterville, harsh, but so pretty.